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A Wonder Story

(An Original e-Book) Also available in print in Auggie & Me

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"Pluto was our Tatooine."


The Book

Almost 2 million people have read the New York Times bestseller Wonder and have fallen in love with Auggie Pullman. Now they'll get a peek at Auggie's life before Beecher Prep with Pluto.

This Wonder story, told entirely from the point of view of Auggie's oldest friend, Christopher, will shed new light and insight into Auggie's family and early childhood in North River Heights. Christopher, after all, was Auggie's best friend from the time they were babies until his family moved away; he was there through all of Auggie's surgeries and heartbreaks, through bad times and good—like Star Wars marathons and dreams of traveling to Pluto together. Alternating between childhood flashbacks and the present day, an especially bad day for Christopher, Pluto is the story of two boys grown apart learning that good friendships are worth a little extra effort.

Praise for Pluto

" does such an effective job of addressing social issues such as friendship and bullying, [PLUTO] is a recommended purchase for any library serving elementary-age students."

—School library journal

"Auggie and Chris's mothers planted the seeds of their friendship even before they were born, and the two boys have been close their entire lives. Chris is used to Auggie's myriad health issues and odd appearance. But as their worlds begin to expand and include more people, both boys experience difficulty adjusting to new social groups and it proves especially challenging to make new friends who accept people who are different. The narrative bounces between the present day, when Chris is in the fourth grade and in the midst of both a family and school crisis, and the past, when stories of Chris and Auggie growing up help readers understand their intense friendship. Fans of Palacio's previous work will adore this new story, yet it can stand alone if readers have not yet been introduced to the saga of Auggie and his friends."

—School library journal

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